Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2017!

I'm in the top 50! Number 47, but I'm on it and in the top half. Progress!

Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2017

  1. Kayla Lords: A Sexual Being
I think once Kayla turns her mind to something she dedicates herself to it 110% and this year the result of that is that she has managed to secure herself the No. 1 spot on this list. Her writing is always excellent and her content is hugely varied, she writes fiction, personal essays and thought pieces, as well as advice and reviews. She is an amazing resource for anyone looking for content about D/s relationships and I think she is absolutely deserved winner of this year's No.1 spot.
  1. Temperatures Rising
Mrs Fever appeared at No.10 on last year's list. She is an absolute wordsmith in my opinion. Her writing is intelligent, thought-provoking, sexy and passionate and I am constantly drawn back into her blog to get lost in her world of words.
  • Follow her on Twitter: N/A
  1. Girly Juice
Kate has absolutely earned her place in the top ten this year in my opinion. She is a talented and exciting writer and her blog is well designed and structured and in my opinion she is absolutely brilliant at what she does.
  1. Pain as Pleasure
This is a first since I have been doing the list; a blog going from the 'new voices' section straight into the top ten but Bibulousone has done exactly that. I find his writing utterly enthralling. He tackles the complexities of his life and relationship situation with a raw honesty that is both fascinating and addictive reading.
  1. Rebel's Notes
Rebel's blog continues to be of a consistently high standard both in the content she produces and in the layout and design of her site. This year has been a tough year for her dealing with her Mother's illness and passing but she is not one to shy away from writing about tricky difficult issues and the honesty she brings to her writing is something to be admired.

Follow her on Twitter: @Rebelsnotes
  1. Not So Sex in the City
This was a new discovery for me on last year's list and one I have continued to enjoy throughout the year. She is writer with a compelling style. She can make you laugh, cry and get turned on and sometimes that is all in one post.
  1. Pandora Blake
Over the years Pandora Blake's blog has changed and evolved alongside their own personal and professional evolution. As a result the content currently reflects their extensive work on fighting porn censorship in the UK and their blog is a hugely valuable resource for both those producing adult content and those consuming it not just in the UK but worldwide.
  1. Scandarella
Damn can this woman write a short story! Her blog is a mixture of reviews, personal essays and fiction and it is all extremely well written but her story telling is some of the best around and why she has not published an anthology of sexy wicked stories is a mystery to me.
  1. The Beautiful Kind
Kendra is one of the blogs which I was reading even before I started blogging. In fact she is a very small group of bloggers who definitely had a role to play in inspiring me to start my own blog. Over the years her story has been complex, difficult and inspirational and she has shared it all on her blog in her perfectly candid style.
  1. Red Hot Suz
And in at number 10 we have the awesome Suz. Her blog is a fabulous mix of well crafted sex toy reviews, thought pieces and personal essays that explore a large variety of sex related topics.
11 Love Hate Sex Cake @LoveHateSexCake
12 Tabitha Rayne @tabithaerotica
13 Little Switch Bitch @_littlesbitch
14 Bex Talk Sex @bextalkssex
15 Cara Thereon @thereon_cara
16 Denying Thumper @thumperMN
17 Domina Jen @DominaJen
18 Cara Sutra @thecarasutra
19 Hey Epiphora @epiphora
20 Innocent Loverboy @innocentlb
21 Emmeline Peaches Reviews @EmmelinePeaches
22 Poly . Land @polydotland
23 The Big Gay Review @thebiggayreview
24 Sexual Destinites @victoriavista1
25 The Other Livvy @theotherlivvy
26 Candy Snatch @CandysReviews
27 Miss Scarlet Writes @MissScarletUK
28 Grind N Throb N/A
29 Modesty Ablaze @ablazingmodesty
30 Ninja Sexology @ninjasexology
31 By Aurora Glory @AuroraGloryBlog
32 Miss Eve E. @MissEveBlogs
33 Holden and Camille @holden_cammie
34 Teachers Have Sex @teachershavesex
35 My Trickle Trunk @mytickletrunk
36 Wriggly Kitty @wriggly_kitty
37 Princess Previews @PrincessPreview
38 Ann St vincent @AnnStVincent
39 Happy Come Lucky @ht_honey
40 Exposing 40 @exposing40
41 Cleareyed Girl @_Masterseye
42 Random Red Rose @randomredrose
43 Joanne's Sex Machine and Sex Toy Reviews @joannesreviews
44 Kitten Boheme @kittenboheme
45 Victoria Blisse @victoriablisse
46 Jerusalem Mortimer: Between the Lines @JaimeMortimer
47 Rabbit in Chains @Rabbit_InChains
48 Poly Love & Sex @CPoly69
49 Floss Does Life @_floss_84
50 Sex is My New Hobby @SexIsMyNewHobby
51 Sex Matters @more_matters
52 The Redhead Bedhead @JoEllenNotte
53 Horny Geek Girl @hornygeekgirl
54 A Shared Wife @ASharedWife
55 Mary Q Confesses
56 Marvelous Darling @marvydarling
57 La Taverne Du Captain @captain_review
58 A to sub Bee @sub_bee
59 subs missives @Sum1Sub
60 Suggestive @suggestive
61 Cooler Than A Glass Dildo @NatandTom_
62 Not Just Bitchy N/A
63 Oh Gush @_ohgush_
64 Krystal Minx @BisexualMinx
65 Mx Nillin @mxnillin
66 Minxy & Caged @minxyandcaged
67 The Ins and Outs of Erika Lynae @erika_lynae
68 Collared Mom @CollaredMom
69 You Won't Tame this Sassy Cat @sassycat38
70 Sex, Death Rock'n'roll @violetfenn
71 Le Journal @Little_xsecret
72 Mischa Eliot @mischa_eliot
73 Exhibit A @EA_unadorned
74 The Casquetero Files N/A
75 Backwoods Bedroom @bkwoodsbedroom
76 Maria Open's Up @MSM1647
77 Sexologist Vixenne @DrVixenne
78 Miss Ruby Reviews @MissRubyReviews
79 Echo Explores @EchoExplores
80 Ina Morata @InaMorataWriter
81 Miss Jezebella @Miss_Jezebella
82 Cammies on the Floor @cammiesonfloor
83 Fiesty Fox Films @feistyfoxfilms
84 Dr. J @DoctorJAuthor
85 Emmanuelle de Maupassant @EmmanuelledeM
86 Poly Role Models N/A
87 Malflic @malflic
88 China Doll 320 @ChinaDoll320
89 F Dot Leonora @fdotleonora
90 Livvy Libertine @Livvy_Libertine
91 Life of Elliot @ElliottHenry5
92 My Sex Life with Lola N/A
93 Asrai Devin @asrai
94 stretchingcandi N/A
95 SweeteN Dirty @Sweeten_Dirty
96 Male Chastity Journal N/A
97 Chronic Sex @chronicsexchat
98 Dildo or DilDont N/A
99 Nicci Haydon @niccihaydon
100. YOU! The last spot is for the all the other awesome sex bloggers out there. It is just not possible to include everyone, I relied on the nominations to gather the list and I am sure there are people missing, but this place is for you because every single one of you counts and contributes towards this community.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Sinful Sunday

Star Talker: Part 19: Debriefing

This is one of my more recent paintings that I've added a number of filters
to in order to achieve the lighting effect. I like the physical painting, but I
feel this is the effect that I was initially trying to create.

Rha'han scrolled through the battle reports on his tablet as the rest of the ship captains filed into the room. Each took a seat the large table facing the large screen behind their fleet commander, Fahrash. Fahrash was an older man, his dark grey hair pulled back into a severe knot at the base of his skull. He hailed from the southern regions of the empire, as evidenced by his dark copper skin and the short black horns that crowned his head. His gaze swept around the room, lighting on each of his subordinates in turn. When he landed on Rha'han, he looked down at his tablet, frowned, and looked back up at him suspiciously.

Fahrash cleared his throat. "If you've had a chance to take a look at the reports you were sent this morning, you'll be aware of yesterday's victory. All Terran presence on the continent has been subdued and thirty-two prisoners in total have been taken into Klotharan custody. Two Jin Fai ships were brought down and fourteen Jin Fai females were captured as a result. All males executed. Rha'han?"

Rha'han straightened a bit. "Target was the Centauri research facility located in the Bassir region. Eighteen females were captured. Fifteen Terran, eight potentially viable mates. One Candarri of breeding age, and two cephaloid females that will be returned to their planet. Twenty-seven males executed at site."

Fahrash nodded. "All will need to be interrogated, of course. The fact that both sets speak different languages will be complicated. Are there any Terran translators currently stationed in the Citadel?"

"Negative, sir. Capital-based Terran translators were conscripted by His Highness, the Ambassador, for the annual summit. They have not yet returned," Ma'dar said, scrolling on his tablet. "There are a few in the database stationed at various outposts. We could call one in, but it may take a couple of days for them to get here."

The commander frowned.

"Not necessary," Rha'han said. All eyes turned to him. "One of the Terran females acquired from the Centauri facility was their interpreter. She can at the very least translate for her own people, and there is a strong possibility that she is familiar with the Jin Fai's primary language."

Fahrash squinted down at his tablet. "You said fifteen Terrans were captured. I only see fourteen listed on the holding roster."

"That's because I branded the interpreter on the ship. She's currently in my apartments." Rha'han noted several eyebrows went up.

"Bold move," Fahrash said, still eyeing him. "Not sure the Shara will be thrilled with that decision, but it might make the woman more compliant to our demands."

Rha'han wasn't so sure about that. "If she's not, I'm sure she can be persueded."

Several laughs erupted around the room.

Fahrash went around the table, having each man give his report. Rha'han listened intently, jotting down relevant notes in shorthand on his tablet screen. After explaining the interrogatory itinerary, the meeting dispersed, and Rha'han returned to his office in the military sector. The next few hours were spent cataloguing notes, filling out weapons paperwork, and relaying orders and the other bureaucratics tasks that came with his position.

A remote login alert popped up in the corner of the screen on his tablet. He frowned at it. What in the world? He picked up the device and tapped the alert, bringing up the display of his home computer. A few different net screens were pulled up, all in a language he didn't recognize. The more concerning issue was the console pulled up in the corner of the screen, programming language scrolling past at an alarming rate. He minimized the computer display and pulled up the security app, tapping the camera for the study. An image of Selena in a lovely violet gown rapidly typing at his desktop appeared on the screen.

"Ah, hell."

He maxed the computer app and flipped off the network access for his apartments. He transferred his camera display to the home screen.

"What are you doing?" he growled.

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Orally Ambiguous

I've been thinking about oral sex a lot lately. It seems to be a topic that keeps popping up in various chat groups I pop into from time to time. My relationship with oral sex is...complicated. Or perhaps not so complicated. I guess you can be the judge.

I've never really been fond of oral, particularly giving, a fact I've never shied away from here, or anywhere else for that matter. The act has never really appealed to me. It was never something I fantasized about, and I always found it fairly distasteful when the subject was brought up. Blow jobs just really aren't my thing. They have never conjured up pleasant or arousing imagery for me. Mostly just a nose wrinkle and occasionally a disturbance in my digestive force.

That's not to say I'm unwilling or unskilled. I don't find it so unpleasant that I refuse to do it entirely, although my first dom seemed to try and make me hate it with his rather aggressive approach. But I've been told I'm actually pretty good at it, despite my distaste for the act. I'll do it, and do it to the best of my ability, I just won't typically initiate the act or become aroused by performing it. It's purely a service act for me.

As for cunnilingus, well, I addressed that in Factory Defect, and my disappointment in not thinking it's the best thing before and after sliced bread. I can write some pretty hot scenes depicting it. But my handful of experiences with it have been largely unpleasant.

However, a recent conversation got me thinking. I think I might enjoy oral attentions as long as the focus wasn't on my clitoris and getting me off. I can't get off from it. I find the tip of a tongue worrying at that little bundle of nerves overwhelming and annoying, and holding the labia apart to actually be rather painful. But, perhaps, I might enjoy some kissing, some licking of the lips, perhaps some nipping.

But, by all that's good and wonderful, leave mah damn clit alone, for cripe's sake.

I'm not at a point with anyone where I'm game to try again. No romantic prospects at this point, and thus no sexual ones, but it's nice to at least be hopeful about potentially enjoying some aspect of oral at some point. So many men claim to like it, and I would like to accomodate an eventual owner in most things. And it's such a small thing. But knowing more about myself and my body now, I'll address that ahead of time when the time eventually comes.

Honestly, it does sound like good foreplay, as long as we aren't trying to dig our way to China diving for pearls.

Sinful Sunday