Sunday, July 23, 2017

Star Talker: Part 7: Privileges

"How many slaves do you have?" I said, not bothering to hide my distaste.

"Just the three. Daesha and Daila are sisters. Mehdawi is a Candarri male."

"Just," I said with a snort.

He set the chains on a table under a picture of a lavender and cerulean nebula. "I take it you do not approve."

"Observant," I said.

"Follow." he said, starting down a hallway toward a lift tube. He ushered me in first and pressed the button. "Slavery is a part of our culture. You will have to get used to it."

"I suppose I will. After all, I am one."

He frowned, furrowing his brow. "You are not."

I crossed my arms over my chest. "Am I allowed to leave?"


I arched a brow. "Do I have the option to disobey you?"

"Not without consequences."

"Then, tell me, what is the damned difference?"

He raised a brow. "You get to ask questions like that."

I blinked, a bit taken aback.

He sighed. "You cannot be sold to another house, like a slave. You are not subject to menial labor as a slave is. No other man may touch you. You are not expected to be subservient to anyone but me."

I rolled my eyes. "I feel so privileged."

"You should," he said.

Rha'han took my hand and led me from the tube to a large bathroom. Two small doors in the back stood slightly ajar, showing toilets stood behind them. The bath itself was a small, stone-lined pool that sank into the floor. Steam rose gently from the deep water, filling the room with warmth. My discomfort wavered a bit in wake of such an inviting sight. The stones were flat and smooth, a vivid, gold-shot sapphire that reminded me of lapis lazuli. It had always been one of my favorite stones, appearing as if a galaxy lived inside the rock itself.

Rha'han stepped further into the room and popped open the buckle on his belt, sliding it free of his trousers. He turned back to me. "Disrobe, please."

Despite the pleasantry, it clearly wasn't a request. He tugged the hem of his deep garnet shirt free of his trousers and tossed it aside. It landed on the tile with a heavy plop. It must have been some sort of armor for that sort of weight. I had read about the new armor technology a few years ago, when I was still on Centauri Prime. Microscale fabrics that were stronger than Terran kevlar, but lighter, thinner, and more flexible.

My attention returned to him, now gloriously nude before me. His thick limbs were a rich cinnamon, lightly dusted with raven hair. His skin shimmered in the light of the room, as if he'd been coated in the sheerest layer of gold paint. He turned and looked at me, resting his lower hands on his hips and crossing the other arms over his broad chest. I stared at him, wide-eyed, intimidated by his solid form. My eyes drifted lower for the briefest of moments, before I jerked my head up to stare at the ceiling. Thank God, his cock wasn't massive like the rest of him. I think I might have passed out otherwise. He was about the size of an average human male, perhaps slightly larger, but nothing terrifying. That was one blessing at least.

"You may remove them, or I will. Your choice, but they are coming off."

I reached back and pulled the Arkiv from my waistband and set it on a nearby counter. I slipped off my sandals and turned away from him, pulling off the thin hunter green t-shirt with the Centauri Prime centaur logo on the chest. I laid it next to the Arkiv and unbuttoned my cream-colored slacks. I could feel his eyes on me as I hooked my thumbs into the simple cotton panties beneath and slid both garments down and off. I stepped out of them and folded them.

"You needn't bother with that. They'll be discarded anyway."

I peered at him over my shoulder. "Taking everything away from me, hmm?"

He gestured to the Arkiv. "I let you keep that, didn't I?"

"How magnanimous of you," I said, turning around and crossing my arms over my breasts.

"Get in the bath." He commanded, descending into the water first.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Star Talker: Part 6: Home

"Captain Rha'han, what lovely treasure you've captured!" came a male voice from somewhere in front of Rha'han.

I stiffened, staring hard at his boots, fighting the urge to look up. A hand caught me under the chin, attempting to tilt my face up for examination. I jerked away with a hiss, crouching to Rha'han's side, holding my bound wrists defensively in front of my face.

"What is she?" the stranger said, a hint of disgust coloring his tone.

"Terran, according to her medical bracelet," Rha'han said, sounding amused.

"Are you sure?"

I opened my mouth to speak, which earned me a hard yank on the chain from Rha'han. I chuffed through my nose, but said nothing.

"I might have a genetic workup done later, but for now I'll accept her listed biometrics and just assume she's feral."

I glared at him and growled. He wanted feral? I'd give him fucking feral. He lifted an eyebrow and wrapped the chain around his fist, forcing me closer.

"If you'll excuse me, it's been a long day. If you're in the market for a slave or mate, the other captives will be at the market later in the week, after debriefings, of course." Rha'han said.

The other man bowed. "Of course."

Rha'han tugged on the chain, and I trudged along after him, staring at the colorful tiles under my feet. The sun had set sometime during the flight, so the sky was dark, but bright lamps lit up the plaza we were crossing. The brightness reminded me of LEDs, but they were likely some native gas. No one else approached us during the trek, as we entered an elevator. The trip up was much longer than I expected. Citadel was the best translation for the word I had, but it wasn't quite like the Terran idea of a citadel. It was a city inside a single building. It was a massive structure, mindboggling in its vastness. It made my head hurt to think about the construction. It shouldn't have. Space stations were a similar concept, except in a space station, you didn't really have a choice. I kind of didn't get why you would want to live in an enclosed city.

I didn't see much besides leather boots and flowing hemlines of vivid fabrics that grazed the floor and hid the feet of the wearers. I wanted to look. I wanted to see this place. I wanted to study the faces of those around me, listen to their words, their accents, their dialects. I wanted to record their voices in my Arkiv. But, I had been bold enough for the day. I was still pissed at the whole situation, but it had settled into a slow burn, the fire weakened by my exhaustion. Continuously aggravating my captor probably wasn't the best of strategies, but it was better than thinking about the coppery scent of blood and the lifeless eyes of the men I'd worked and lived with for the last two years or more. I shuddered.

"You can look up now. We're home."

Home. What a joke.

I lifted my head, but didn't look at him. I stood in the foyer of a large apartment. Large photographs of nebulae and colorful planets hung in elegant frames on the wall. I wondered if he had purchased them, or if they were images he'd captured during his travels with the Lo'Rahni military.

A female alien swept into the room, hands meekly clasped in front of her, silvery bracelets adorning her wrists. She wore an ephemeral white garment, reminiscent of art I'd seen of Grecian nymphs. It was gathered at each shoulder with a pin. The sides were open, but pinned near the waist to preserve modesty. I imagined they were designed for Lo'Rahni women, with their extra arms. The fabric hit her at the knee, much shorter than the skirts I'd seen on the way here. She had iridescent ruby skin, made up of smooth tiny scales. Patches of gold scales broke up the pattern in unusual places. A long fin descended from the top of her head like veil or a cascade of hair. It reminded me of the billowy tail fins of betta fish we used to keep as pets when I was a child. Smaller fins draped from her forearms, looking almost like silk or chiffon. She had small eyes and a small mouth and no nose to speak of. I could see the lines of gills on the sides of her long neck. The fingers clasped in front of her had membranes running up half their length, and her bare feet were similarly webbed. I'd never seen a member of her species before. She was beautiful.

"Welcome home, Master," she said cheerfully, smiling with her tiny mouth.

"Thank you, Daesha. I trust all has been well in my absence?"

Daesha bowed at the waist, her head fin folding around her body. "Yes, Master. Mehdawi is preparing the evening meal." She cast a glance to me. "Shall I take the new girl to the servants' quarters to be properly attired?"

"What? Oh." Rha'han looked down at my wrists and reached out to unlock them. "No, thank you, Daesha, but this one is not a slave. This is Selena, my new mate."

Surprise erupted on her face. Well, I assumed it was surprise. I wasn't quite sure how to read her expressions yet.

"My apologies, Mistress. I assumed..." she bowed again.

I flinched at the word "Mistress." Slavery had been abolished on Terra centuries ago and, while I was aware it existed on other planets, it had not been an institution on my birth station or within the Centauri Federation. The idea of it made me uncomfortable.

"Daesha, we will bathe and then have dinner in my room. Oh, and I will need someone to fetch some gowns for Selena."

I felt my stomach sink at the prospect of bathing with him, because, of course, I would be.

Daesha examined me and looked back to Rha'han. "Right away, Master. I will send Daila to the market sector before morning." She bowed again and rushed off to do his bidding.

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Star Talker: Part 5: Prisoner

I simply stared at Rha'han as the door to the cabin slid shut and the beeps and clicks of him securing the door. The bastard seemed well-pleased with himself. I touched the bandage on my chest, the skin still numb from the anesthetic. Branded like cattle, again. I was getting a bit sick of being marked by Lo'Rahni men. As a child, it was supposedly for my protection, but rather than protecting me from Rha'han, the sight of it had simply spurred him on.

I looked about the cabin. It was a sparse appointment. A bunk, a desk, a small bathroom attached. There were no personal effects to be seen, but that was unsurprising. If it was only a few hour flight from the capital, he would have no need for personal items. The Centauri facility was not equipped for combat nor built for defense. Centauri Prime was a passive station. Our purpose was purely academic. The Centauri Scientific Federation had been contributing to the information databases in the quadrant for decades through the various stations posted in the surrounding star systems. We were universally recognized as a peaceful federation, so the attack made no sense.

Sitting down on the bunk, I tapped on the Arkiv and scanned for active remote radio links. A couple of the Arkivs were still on. Litai's was active. I requested a connection, pleased when she quickly accepted the exchange. I transferred a text file, advising to tell the others to activate the RRLs. I pulled up my translation software and began transferring it to each active link. So far, the program was only completed for English, but I was slowly building the dictionaries for the other interstellar Terran languages. The English software would be enough to get them by though.

I sat the tablet aside. The files were massive, so the transfers would take a bit. I stretched out on the bunk, suddenly tired. The last couple of hours had caught up with me. The adrenaline had faded. My ass still ached, although the burn had faded. My lids were heavy. I didn't fight it. I had nothing else to do. Might as well nap.


The feeling of the descent woke me. I felt groggy, the few hours' sleep not enough to wipe away the exhaustion of the day. I picked up the Arkiv. All the files had transferred. New text files had been transmitted to my device. Several transcripts of the conversations the Lo'Rahni soldiers had been having during the flight had been sent. Mostly innocuous chatter. A few exchanges were of note however. Litai had sent one with a note in bold at the top.

Jin Fai Empire attacked planet. Lo'Rahni victory.

Of course. Jin Fai had arisen in the wake of the last Terrestrial War, a few hundred years ago. They had pioneered extrasolar colonization, conquering the closest habitable exoplanet, forming the administrative seat of the empire. As they'd grown, they'd begun conquering subsequent planets for resource farming for their ever-growing population. Lo'Rah had apparently been their next target.

I had never looked on Jin Fai with any sort of favor. They took slaves of the populations they conquered. They started wars specifically for territory acquisition. And they'd just fucked over the Centauri mission on Lo'Rah, gotten half of my coworkers slaughtered and the rest of us enslaved. Despite the authorization Centauri had been given, I had little hope that the women of the facility would be released. Lo'Rah needed females too badly. And Jin Fai had likely shattered any Terran-Lo'Rahni relations. Most planets did not see that Terrans weren't a unified species. They blamed all Terrans for any Terran aggression, regardless of the nations that initiated it. It was pretty damned inconvenient.

The door slid open to reveal Rha'han's massive form in the hall way. He held a pair of bracelets and a coil of chain.

"Hands, please," he said as he strode toward me.

I looked at the bracelets and then craned my neck to look him in the face. "Why?" I said evenly, turning off the Arkiv's display.

"You are not properly attired for display as a mate, so you will enter as a captive. I will not allow you the disgrace of improper status."

I cocked an eyebrow. "Just the disgrace of being seen as a slave."

He sighed. "A captive woman is valuable. A mate, even more so. If I allow you to walk about as you are unfettered, then it gives the impression that I neither respect nor properly care for my mate."

I snorted. "So, it is not me you're saving from disgrace, but yourself."

His eyes narrowed. "Hands. Now."

I stood and tucked the Arkiv into the waistband of my pants in the back, lifting my shirt to cover it, and held out my wrists as if I were being arrested. He snapped manacles onto my wrists. They were wide and thin, appearing more like delicate vambraces than restraints. A chain about as thick as my thumb connected them and extended into a sort of leash which Rha'han held in one of his lower hands.

"Keep your head down. Look no man in the eye."

I glared up at him, a defiant quip on the tip of my tongue, but his expression kept my lips closed. There was a promise in his eyes of something far more unpleasant than his earlier punishment should I disobey. I was somewhat familiar with Lo'Rah, but the intimate details of their culture were still unknown to me. I suppose it was best that I heed him, not knowing the reasons for the command. I wrinkled my nose with a sigh and ducked my head.

"Thank you."

I simply grumbled in response. He tugged on the chain, and I trudged forward, staring at the back of his boots as we disembarked. I hazarded a glance to either side, to see the others shuffling along, chained to each other. One line of slaves, another line of breeding stock. I glared hard at the chains on my wrists, clenching and unclenching my fists. I could feel my nails digging into my palms. I closed my eyes, breathing deeply, trying to calm myself.

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